Book Review: Einstein Ideas and Opinions

EinsteinIdeasOpinionsBy Albert Einstein, Sonia Bargmann (Translator)

Reviewed by Darnell Jones

NOTE FROM DR. PAT: Darnell Jones is a community-based pharmacist with a passion for educating and empowering individuals about their health. He was recently awarded “Community Pharmacist of the Year 2015” for his work with clients on medications, especially various hormone replacement therapies. Our collaboration began in 2014, as a physician/pharmacist team empowering individuals to reach their highest health and well-being.

To enjoy the book “Einstein Ideas and Opinions” is to recognize that it is not to be consumed as one sumptuous meal, but rather appreciated over a lifetime in small, delicious bites of wonderful insights from a brilliant thinker and global sympathizer.

Ideas and Opinions is a collection of quoted or transcribed snippets, some short some extended, of Albert Einstein’s talks on many subjects including science, math and physics. Additionally, his insights extend to faith, global politics and even romance and personal interests. Although the book is organized into major topics based on subject matter, I found it most enjoyable to simply open to one of more than 300 pages at random and take in, like decadent chocolate, one or two readings. It is with pleasure that I have spent a day or two fully digesting this great thinker’s insights.

Most enjoyably is the gradual realization that in every subject he discusses he does so using his ever-present unique insights and perceptions. While this is expected when speaking on physics and math, it is a refreshing eye-opener when extended to politics and faith, as well as lesser-known areas of interest.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a book written by a life-long learner to inspire you,
there isn’t a more perfect fit than Einstein Ideas and Opinions.