Book Review: Rich in Years — Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life

RichInYears_coverBy Johann Christoph Arnold

Reviewed by Phyllis Schalk

NOTE FROM DR. PAT: Phyllis Schalk is a former elementary school teacher with an engaging, caring, and supportive nature. She is active in her journey to achieve health and wellness through the Center for Transforming Health. As a proactive collaborator in her patient-care relationship with me, Mrs. Schalk encourages a dynamic dialogue to help achieve her best health. She is a genuine supporter of our mission at CTH where we encourage all patients to seek their “Highest Health and Wellness!”

”Rich in Years” is an inspirational read for people of all ages, but particularly for an aging population. Author Johann Christoph Arnold helps readers to see aging as a normal progression, dealing with health issues, loneliness and facing the end of life. Some chapters can be difficult to reflect on, depending on one’s stage in life. Mr. Arnold however, reminds us of the assurances that God is with us in every step of life’s journey.

Mr. Arnold is a senior pastor of the Bruderhof, a movement of Christian Communities with branches in New York, Florida, West Virginia and Pennsylvania in the U.S. and globally, in the United Kingdom, Germany, Paraguay and Australia. Founded in Germany in 1920, the group is also known as “Church Communities International.”

”Rich in Years” gives readers a lot to think about. The fears of old age which we all have are identified in this book with personal stories and testimonies. The final summation is to put our trust in Jesus. People interviewed by Mr. Arnold for the book were taught moral values in their childhood and youth. Their hope is to pass on this legacy to their children and grandchildren.

I am hopeful that ”Rich in Years” will grace the reader to know and understand that Jesus Christ’s grace is sufficient, particularly as we grow older. In reading this book I am reminded to be thankful for the thrill of life, and all the mercies each of us are given day by day — deciding not to worry our lives away, fearing the future, but to drink in every moment.