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Center for Transforming Health offers a full range of medical care services for individuals in addition to specific medical support for the LGBT community

Note by CTH Website Editor

We are pleased to share the following article by AJ Trager, profiling the Center for Transforming Health. It’s posted in Michigan’s PrideSource.com, a website published by Pride Source Media Group, LLC located in Livonia, Michigan. The article describes medical care and support services provided by Dr. Pat to the LGBT and allied communities throughout Michigan.

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Dr. Pat Schmidt interviews Mario Nanos (Podcast)

Welcome to the Center for Transforming Health’s podcast series, “Your Health & Wellness.” CTH founder and medical director, Dr. Pat, is committed to providing patients with integrative whole person care including timely healthcare education information via podcast programs with leading medical professionals from southeast Michigan and around the world.

Care Beyond Limits: CTH Video

The Center for Transforming Health is a medical practice committed to providing patients with personal, individual care. Dr. Pat has a special interest in helping individuals and families to reach their highest health and wellness.

Focus on Wellness with Dr. David Debono


A Hematologist-Oncologist with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

DrDavidDebonoDavid Debono, M.D., a hematologist-oncologist who specializes in Palliative Medicine at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, and associate professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine, believes that wellness can be part of our everyday lives. A focus on healthy eating habits, exercise, stress reduction and medical care by a wellness-focused physician are key components to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Debono’s philosophy of healthy living is similar to Dr. Pat Schmidt’s, so it’s no coincidence that they both believe in sharing wellness- focused lifestyle recommendations with their patients.

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